The Women & Girls Index

The Women & Girls Index (WGI) from the Women's Philanthropy Institute (WPI) is the only comprehensive index that measures charitable giving to organizations dedicated to women and girls in the United States, including the amount of philanthropic support they receive from individuals, foundations and corporations. The WGI data is accessible to researchers, practitioners, and the general public through this user-friendly website, which allows visitors to download the full list of WGI organizations, as well as search for organizations based on criteria like keyword, focus area, and geographic location.

While issues affecting women and girls (e.g., the gender pay gap, sexual harassment and assault) continue to receive increased attention, giving to women’s and girls’ organizations represents a small share–less than 2%–of total philanthropic support. Fundraisers and nonprofit leaders can use the WGI to make a compelling case for supporting their organizations. Current and prospective donors can use the WGI to consider how their values align with their current giving–if women’s and girls’ causes are important to you, is this reflected in the organizations to which you contribute your financial and other resources?

For more information on how you can help support women’s and girls’ organizations, visit GiveToWomenAndGirls.Day.

The latest WGI update adds 2019 giving data across 48,395 charitable organizations. The WGI now expands the picture of charitable giving to women and girls from 2012 to 2019 and provides a pre-pandemic baseline for charitable giving to women’s and girls’ organizations. If you have any questions about the WGI data, please contact jjbergdo@iupui.edu.

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